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Vote for Trails for All, Trails Forever!

Help the NSMBA (North Shore Mountain Bike Association) win $100,00o to help revitalize our very precious north shore trail network. Every person gets 10 votes, and every vote counts! It’s easy to register, and you can vote until November 2nd. See NSMBA and the Aviva Community Fund website for more details.



Recovery drinks make you faster!

And who doesn’t want to be faster? Mike McIvor, owner of Peak Centre for Human Performance in Burnaby, gives us the facts on why we all should have a recovery drink ready to go after a workout.

Recovery drinks are one of the easiest things you can do to dramatically improve the speed of adaptation from training. My favourite example of a study that demonstrates the importance was done on a group of athletes that were doing the same training. Group A took a carb/protein drink at the beginning and end of the day and Group B took it before and after every workout. At the end of the 16 week of the study Group A (beginning and end of day) made a 2% improvement and Group B (before and after workout) made a 20% improvement – yep – that’s right 20%. The reason is that when we complete a workout, we are carb depleted. Under normal circumstances, the body uses just fat and carb as energy. When we’re carb depleted, the body needs something else to help burn the fat so it turns towards protein – we store our protein in our muscles. The reason why Group A made such small improvements is because when they finished their workouts they were carb depleted so they were actively breaking down muscle fibre to fuel their daily processes and they didn’t reverse that until they had their next meal. The period of time they were in that catabolic state was enough to almost fully negate the effects of their training. By taking that recovery drink immediately after the session Group B reversed the process and began their recovery and as a result saw dramatically better results through the same period of training. Which group would you rather be in?

You’re looking for about 10-12g of a whey protein (depending on your size), 20 or more grams of carb, and 300-500ml of water and it should be taken within 15 minutes of finishing training. Mike recommends the Cytosport Recovery Drink but Endurox R4, Gu Recovery or even chocolate milk will do in a pinch.

You’re already putting in the training. With one small change to your routine you can dramatically improve the effectiveness of what you’re doing. Train smarter, race faster.

Thanks Mike! If you have any more questions about nutrition or training, contact Peak Centre for Human Performance at 604-299-7959. Now fill your bottles with “Go Juice” and get back out there!

Cytosport products

3 Adventure Smartphone Apps Worth Downloading

Squamish Mountain Bike Trails – map and list of Squamish mountain bike trails, including location of where you are in relation to trails, includes new trails recently opened not on paper version. This app is $9.99.

Rescue App – connects you to local EMS services via phone or SMS, gives GPS coordinates of where you are and much more! This app is only $2.99.

Avalanche App – this free app was created by Canadian Avalanche Centre and MEC. It has weather updates and recent avalanche activities throughout BC. This is a must to have if you’re going in the backcountry!!

All apps are available through iTunes App Store.